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20+ years experience | 20+ motor patents | ISO9001:2015 certification
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Foshan Yingbiyou Motor Co., Ltd.

More than 20 Years of Motor R&D and Manufacturing Experience

Since 2001 | 20+ motor patents | Customize various motors

20+ Years of Experience in Motor Design and Development
Since 2001, Mr. Peng Qichao graduated from mechanical major and started his career in motor R&D. He has been engaged in motor R&D and technical team management in many large motor enterprises, and has become a well-known motor R&D engineer in the motor industry. In 2014, he established Foshan Yingbiyou Motor Co., Ltd., which is committed to the design and manufacture of all kinds of motors.

Provide Customized Solutions for Special Motors
Yingbiyou motor has a group of long-term technical talents engaged in motor research and development, which can customize and develop special matching motors for different customers and products. At present, the motors independently developed by Yingbiyou mainly serve the industrial high-temperature oven, baking industry, food machinery, industrial equipment, ventilation equipment, air energy heat pump, chemical pump, thermal power station, and other fields.

ISO9001:2015 Quality Management System and More Certificates
Yingbiyou motor passed the national high-tech enterprise certification for the first time in 2017, with 21 national patents. Our products have passed CE, CCC, CQC, RoHS, UL, and other certifications. In 2020, we passed ISO9001:2015 quality management system certification.

Choose Yingbiyou Motor, Enhance Your Competitive Advantage
In line with the service tenet of professionalism, concentration, integrity, and enterprising, Yingbiyou cooperates with customers who have demand to develop and customize new motors and constantly improves product quality and competitiveness.

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Foshan Yingbiyou Motor Co., Ltd.
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