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Product Detail
Shaded pole motor for oven and ventilation equipment 
Model No.: YJH Series shaded pole motor
Brand Name: yingbiyou
Product Type: Shaded pole gearbox motor
Power Rating: AC 100-240V/50-60Hz
Rated Voltage: 30W-50W
Rated Speed: 1650-2400RPM
Number of Poles: YJH
Certificates: CE, EMC, LVD

AC100-240V shaded pole motor for oven and ventilation equipment
Performance Parameter:

  • Voltage: AC100-240V 50Hz/60Hz

  • Rated Speed: 1650RPM- 2400RPM

  • Input Power : 30~50W

  • Output Shaft Size: Can be Customized

  • Insulation Grade: E,A,B,F,H

  • Operating temperature range :-30℃~180℃

  • Life: 20,000 Hours

  • Typical Application: Oven/Ventilation Equipment

  • Customized motor, FOB price for reference only.

Model No.Size(mm)Power(W)Speed(r/min)
YJH61161630W1650 RPM

1800 RPM

YJH61252538W1950 RPM
YJH61303042W2100 RPM
YJH61353546W2250 RPM
YJH61404050W2400 RPM

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