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Product Detail
Shaded pole motor for home appliances 
Model No.: YJH-10-21
Brand Name: yingbiyou
Product Type: Shaded pole gearbox motor
Power Rating: 220V/50Hz
Rated Voltage: 35W
Rated Speed: 2850
Number of Poles: YJH
Certificates: CE, EMC, LVD

Motor Application
The Motor is widely used in intelligent kitchen and bathroom, household appliances, communication equipment, instruments and meters, electrician and electrical, personal care and other industries. It has the ability of high temperature resistance and can work normally for a long time at high temperature. It is mainly used for cooling, ventilation and other equipment, especially for integrated ceiling, ventilator, Air Fryer oven, humidifier, mosquito killer, ai-conditioning fan and other products. which can be customized according to different needs of customers.

Product Features

  1. The motor has low vibration, high efficiency and high performance protection level;

  2. Reasonable sturcture design, flexible lead direction, low product defect rate;

  3. It can work normally for a long time in an environment of up to 180℃;

  4. Theuseofcopper wire package, in the process of operation, low decibel sound, so that the environment more quiet;

  5. Different wind wheels and blades can be installed to achieve different air discharge effects;

  6. At the frequency of 60Hz, the no-load speed can reach 3450RPM.

Model No.Power(W)Frequency (Hz)



Size(T-stacking)Motor Performance
YJH-10-2130W50H40mmNo-load performance
Load Performance

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