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370W Chemical Pump motor, Single-phase AC asynchronous Motor
Model No.:110 Series Chemical Pump Motor
Single-phase Capacitance Motor for Range hood
Model No.:95 Series Single-phase Motor
110 Series Grinder Motor, Single Phase Motor
Model No.:110 Series Grinder Motor
Single-phase Adjustable Speed Vegetable cutter motor
Model No.:108 Series Vegetable Cutter Motor
Shaded pole motor for oven and ventilation equipment
Model No.:YJH Series shaded pole motor
Rated Power 0.55-7.5W Oil Pump
Model No.:CBW Series Oil Pump
50W Single Phase Capacitor AC Motor for household floor blower
Model No.:80 series single phase motor
Ventilation equipment 3-speed single phase capacitor motor
Model No.:140 3-speed single phase motor
100W High Temperature Convection Stove AC Motor
Model No.:YYH 94 Series Oven Motor
35-60W High Temperature Convection Stove AC Motor
Model No.:YYH 88 Series Oven Motor
AC High Temperature Oven Motor with 4-6 Pole Variable Speed
Model No.:YYH 160 series variable speed motor
90W AC motor for high temperature oven
Model No.:74 series 90W ac motor
YYH 160 series horizontal motor
Model No.:YYH 160 series horizontal motor
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